Remember that time I said I personally thought the Disney Renaissance Era owed a lot to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? just like I felt like this new era that some people call ‘new Renaissance’ owes a lot to Enchanted? And how I found that parallel interesting because those movies merged classical aspects of animation with other very different contents and brought audiences back to theaters to watch animated films and reminded them, in very different ways, the essence to animation? I decided to make a parallel graphic with the Walt Disney Animation Studios films released after Roger and until the end of the Renaissance in one column (including Oliver, which isn’t in the Renaissance Era) and do the same in the other one but starting with Enchanted. This is what happened. 

This is not a Disney theory and I’m not trying to state anything, but I find it really interesting how some of these movies have one or more points of comparison (with exceptions, of course). Oliver is not considered a Renaissance film just like I don’t think Bolt would be included in a ‘new Renaissance’ but they have their audience; then you have both The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Frog, which brought back the Princess movies many years after their last predecessor; The Rescuers Down Under and Tangled have both groundbreaking animation (and Glen Keane) and are often not as appreciated as movies that would come after them, yet are amazing films; Aladdin and Ralph are movies with unlikely heroes as protagonists which show their road to find with who they are; there’s an entire post already comparing The Lion King to Frozen, I don’t think I need to go there; I can’t say much about Pocahontas and Big Hero 6 yet I’m a little scared but Mulan and Moana give me hope. Anyway, everyone is free to draw their own conclusions, as I said, this is not a theory, I was just playing around with an idea and this is what came out of it. As a final note, the years of release are exactly 19/20 years apart from each other, what do you think about that. 

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