Today is my dad’s birthday and when I said I was going to make a frozen oreo & nutella cake, Julia asked me for the recipie. I’ve changed stuff from the original oreo cake recipie so I offered to explain step by step (or try, since my cooking vocabulary in english is limited xD). Anyhow, here we go:

1- The first task requires a decent amount of patience or some assistants: you need to separate the two cookies from the filling. You should help yourself with a small knife, open them and peel the filling, placing the cream on a bowl and the cookies in another one. It doesn’t matter if the cookies break in the process, you’ll see why in step 2. (for 6 big portions of cake I used 4 packages of oreo).

2- Once you have all those cream-free oreos in a bowl, you need to crush them. It isn’t important for it to be completely uniform, it just needs to be small enough to make step 3 possible (like in this picture). You can always use a processor or, like I did, an improvised mortar & some repressed anger xP

3- The crushed oreos need to be small enough for this step, where you need to mix the crushed cookies (this feels like a pottermore potion) with melted butter (I used about 50 gr for mine, maybe a bit more) and a bit of hot milk (not too much) until the mix turns into a paste. The amount of butter and milk is proportional to the amount of crushed cookies you have, just keep adding bit by bit and mixing (with your hands, get dirty) until you get a paste. 

4- You need to extend this paste in a baking pan or mold of your choice, forming a base layer for your cake of a few cms. Just a base, not too thick. When it’s done, place it in the freezer while you carry on with step 5.

5- Take some Nutella or Dulce de Leche (I made a cake with Nutella and another one with Dulce de Leche, either of them works fine, it depends in your personal taste) and place it inside a metal pot with a few pieces of chocolate bar (we call it ‘chocolate de taza’). You need to melt that in a bain-marie: place the metal pot with the chocolate and Nutella inside a bigger pot that contains water (like this), wait until the water boils mixing the chocolate and nutella, it should melt in a uniform way very quicky. I used 200 gr. of Nutella (the little one) for the cake (200 gr of Dulce de Leche (“repostero”) for the other cake I made), and 3 pieces of the chocolate bar (it comes this way, I used 3 of those pieces).

6- When you have that melted mixture of nutella and chocolate (or Dulce de Leche and chocolate, if you chose that path), you take the oreo base from the freezer and place a thin layer of the mix all over the cookie base. Place it back in the freezer while you go on with step 7.

7- Remember the oreo cream we left there all alone? Put a bit of hot milk in the bowl with the cream so it melts all together and becomes a creamy paste. 

8- Separately, whip some cream (in spanish is ‘crema de leche’ or ‘nata’ depending on the country) with a pinch of vanilla scent and a bit of sugar (I used no more than 2 soup spoons). It doesn’t need to be too sweet, you’ll understand why in step 9. Now, I don’t know what the exact translation of ‘crema de leche’ is in english, but I believe it’s ‘heavy cream’ since I found a recipie of whipped cream here and it’s exactly what I did (with different amounts of sugar). Whip it until it’s consistent. I used about 525 gr of cream.

9- Add the oreo cream you mixed before to the cream you just whipped and mix it together (don’t go overboard with the mixing, since the cream is already consistent and you don’t want it to separate…I believe that’s how you call the cream when it’s ‘cortada’ in english xD omg this is not easy xD). Just mix it all together gently until it’s integrated (like in the picture, it doesn’t look completely smooth but it’s ok). I said that the cream you whipped before didn’t need to be too sweet because the oreo cream already is, so when you mix it together it should be pretty sweet already. You can always add more sugar if you don’t think so, anyway. 

10- Take out the mold from the freezer and place the cream on top of the other layers. The cream should be about 2 or 3 times the height of the other two layers, since this is the biggest part of the cake. Place it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. 

11- When it’s starting to get more solid, decorate with whatever you want (oreos, chocolate, grated chocolate, chocolate chips, wherever your creativity takes you ヽ(˘Д˘)ノ♪~)

12- Place it in the freezer until the cream gets an ice-cream-y texture (about 20 to 30 minutes or so, depending on your freezer) or, to be precise, until you can cut it properly and the cream stays in place and the base is hard enough. You should have a 3 layered piece like the one in the picture.

And that’s it! I REALLY hope the idea came across, it’s a bit hard to explain recipies in another language (more than make up tutorials, to be honest) xD And I don’t know if you use ‘grams’ or ‘pounds’ or what exactly, but I wanted to be as precise with what I did as I could. I hope you enjoy the cake! Buen provecho! 

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