This is a bit hard because I adore a lot of solos but I have to be honest, Tegoshi’s solo version of Ai Nante is spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, the Ryo/Shige/Tego version is awesome and I listen to it a lot, but as a solo it’s spectacular. 

Ai Nante is the kind of song that fits Tegoshi like a glove. It’s powerful, it’s sentimental, it’s strong and it’s engaging. He has that kind of sweet yet extremely powerful voice with that amazing range that allows him to convey so many feelings into his songs and express so much when he sings. Both Tegoshi and Massu have, in my opinion, the best vocal quality of NEWS and some of the best of the entire J&A (among Ohno and others) but the cute and lovely image that they hold as Tegomass sometimes prevents them from being able to sing songs that go to their limits completely. They occasionally do, (Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song brings tears to my eyes, thank you zopp), but not always.

With Ai Nante, Tegoshi showed how far he could go, without being excessively sexy, incredibly adorable or playfully ambiguous. It’s an honest, breathtaking ballad sang with an honest, breathtaking voice and it is when I listen to it that I say “holy shit, the guy can freakin’ sing”. Behind the egocentric-ish and diva-ish attitude that characterizes Tegoshi there is a good reason why he debuted so young and with such a lack of Jr. experience and it is that he can freakin’ sing like that. You can close your eyes, listen to this song and see it. Only a good voice can do that. 

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