who doesn’t believe in anything?

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Sato Takeru ()casts in movie adaptation based on novel “Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara” by film producer Genki Kawamura (published October 25, 2012 by MAGAZINE HOUSE, Ltd.). His co-star is Aoi Miyazaki.

The filming of this movie begins on October, 2014 in Hokkaido, Japan. Filming also takes place in Argentina. It will be release on 2015.

A postman learns that he doesn’t have much time left to live due to a terminal illness. A devil then appears in front of him and offers to extend his life if he picks something in the world that will disappear. The man thinks about his relationships with ex-friends, ex-lovers, relatives and colleagues who will be sincerely sad when he dies.

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*Mikasa cosplayer walks by*
me: Shingeki!
cosplayer: *waves*
me: *thumbs up*
my mom: did you recognize a friend already?
me: I've never seen that person before
the undeniable magic of conventions
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No fue De Santis pero conseguí a Malena ♡

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Steven Universe nails!

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I see your shifting gaze, that disgusted glance. I know you’re questioning my parenting from across the elementary school assembly.

Let me tell you a little story about the kindergarten student with bright purple hair, my little Raven Marie…

A month before school started she decided to play hair stylist with the craft scissors, and to save what was left I had to opt for a pixie cut. She was absolutely devastated. It was about three hours before she stopped her harsh sobbing and hiccups.


She has thought that the length of a girls hair was what made her “girly”. I know I’ve personally had many hairstyles around her before, including a purple mohawk, which many people criticized as not being “girly” enough. Media, other children, other parents, and society made it worse. She would randomly burst in tears while out in public for the first week of her new style, screaming that she looked like a boy. That everyone would think she’s a boy.

At one point she took off her bow in her hair, threw it at a cashier and screamed, “I DON’T NEED THIS BOW TO TELL YOU THAT I’M NOT A BOY, BECAUSE I’M NOT”

Proudly stomping away in her blue jean overalls, head held high.

Once we edged closer to the first day of school she kept asking questions like, “Do you think the other kids will like me? Do you think they’ll be my friend? Will they think I’m a boy? Will they pick on me because I have boy hair?”

So I went to the grocery store, bought some dye, and spent the whole night transforming my bright blonde little girl into a plum punk rock fairy. I then assured her that if any of the kids didn’t like her, they were just jealous.

As for you, mothers and teachers with the wandering eyes filled with disgust and judgement, I’m in the business of raising a free spirit.

Here’s to you, Raven Marie. I love you.


I want that hair

LEt ‘em judge. They ain’t shit, so long as your child is HAPPY.

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"When I was a kid, I believed you would become a mermaid when you went in the water to swim".

I really loved the little mermaid as a kid growing up so I had the warped perception you became a mermaid when you entered the water ahaha. This is me learning to swim with my cousin! This piece is for a gallery show at work.

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off to see the wizard

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